Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Bored. I don't know why

Did everything I planned except change the litterbox. Will do that shortly.

Went to Rad Shak and picked up banana plug connectors, then spent about 45 minutes at Janice's finishing hooking up her stereo. Well, 5.1 surround sound, actually. A huge chunk of that time was spent being confused by Sony's non-intuitive speaker connector layout on the back of the amp. It looked like this:

 Surround back (unused)
Left SurroundLeft Front
Right SurroundRight Front

Not having left on the left and right on the right was kind of confusing, and it took me way too long to get over it.


That done, it was off to Target for kitty litter, and I ended up also buying a TV stand for the bedroom. Now that the box is in the bedroom I am wondering why I did that. Probably because if I move the current stand with the giant CRT TV on it, it will collapse. That must be it. Still daunted by the task of taking everything off the current stand and putting the new one in its place, and re-wiring everything. Especially since I'm moving in about a month.

Hit Orchard Supply for runners to replace the broken ones under my closet doors. More pre-move maintenance.

Made chopped liver, and forgot the eggs and also chopped the onions too fine again. Tasted okay, but not as good as I can make. Had some for a late lunch.

Made some more clam dip, and this time a stroke of genius - instead of boiling water, I just nuked the clam juice from the can and used that to soften the bacon bits & onion soup. Tasted much better that way.

Watched some football on TV, had some chips & dip & chopped liver. Then went to Starbucks in downtown MV to read & enjoy the eye candy, which there was some of, but not much. After a while the bad jazz sax music got to me and I left. While there I tried to get my email via the iPAQ, but the battery ran out way too quickly. Which is when I realized I really don't have any use for a PDA, I can use a laptop just as easily. So I did two things when I got home. First, I called Gateway and ordered a recovery CD for the laptop, so I can get ugly user-unfriendly Vista RC1 off of there and try the default Media Center Edition. And I listed the iPAQ and all its sundry accessories on eBay.

I still have the original iPAQ which was inherited from Steve, but it needs a motherboardectomy to work again, and since that would make it notSteve's, I've decided not to do it. And it wouldn't be proper to sell it on eBay, so I'll just put it in my spare parts bin as a memorial souvenir.

Time for dinner.

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