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Pumpkin, The Sequel

I have to say that the folks at the Murphy Ave Pet Clinic in Sunnyvale are super. Good help is hard to find.

It was a straight shot from my doctor's appointment to the vet's, and I got there right about 5 pm, which worked out fine. They have me some liquid antibiotics to feed to Pumpkin for the next 10 days, and they want to see him back for a follow-up in a month.

Dr. Sawyer showed me the X-rays, and the giant orange furball's teeth looked fine to me. He said a radiologist will see them in about 2 weeks and hopefully will confirm that.

Pumpkin was quiet all the way home, he was awake but not quite alert. When I let him out of his carrier he wobbled a bit, and ducked when I tried to pet him. The first thing he did was check to see if the patio door was open - I cat-proofed the patio so they have a place outdoors, but it's too cold to keep the door open for long. And I figure the carpet is better for him to recover on than the cold cement covered with sequoia seed pods & branchlets.

I tried a couple of times to park myself on the floor next to him, but he's mad at me, and just walks a few feet away and lays down again out of reach. Sigh.

Right now I'm up in the computer room with Domino, and he's downstairs sulking. As soon as I finish this I'll go down and spend the rest of the evening there so I can keep an eye on him. See if he eats or drinks anything, and see if he decides to forgive me tonight.

Ever since I put the faux leopard skin throw on the sofa he has made it his home, so I would not be surprise if that's where he sleeps tonight. I don't think he's ready to climb the stairs.

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