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Mister Eclectic

Sun Day

Was up at the crack of 8:30, online for a bit, there was actually some job hunt email to answer, and I updated my online resume, as well as the one on Careerbuilder.com. Went into some chat rooms but there was no activity worth mentioning. Instead of lunching at home, it was such a nice afternoon that I drove to Capitola.  Got there around 2:45, found some free parking and hiked down the hill to the beach. After admiring the sunbathers and surfers (many surfer chicks in tight-fitting black wetsuits) I went to Zelda's. It took them 10 minutes to seat me (I was the only one in line) and after 10 minutes of it getting windy and cold and nobody coming around to take my order I left. Walked down the street to Margaritaville, which is possibly the only one which pre-dates the Jimmy Buffet chain of the same name, and ordered a guacamole bacon cheeseburger. When it arrived, there was no guacamole and no bacon. So I called back the waitress and asked what I had ordered. "A burger" she said. " told her I thought I asked for the bacon cheeseburger, could she please check? She did, and I had, and they made it right for me in about 2 minutes.

After the burger, I ordered a mud pie. They were out. How about the apple cheesecake special on the menu insert? They're out. In fact, they are out of all deserts except ice cream and apple cobbler. No thanks.

Much eye candy both customers and wait staff there.

Took myself back to the streets, and while passing a boutique saw a whole widow full of lacy thongs mounted on big rings about the size of dinner plates. "Do you have those in pink?" I asked. "What shade?" they answered. In I went, and bought myself exactly the lacy pink thong I had in mind for farmount's party. They even gift wrapped it for free.

Back to the car by way of Sousa's ice cream, but there was too long a line and only one server. Tried the other ice cream place, but a couple was blocking the door arguing about what flavor they wanted. Hiked back to the car and drove toward home, pulled off at Stevens Creek exit and had a mocha at Coffee Society. I had not been there in a while. Fired up the laptop, and Vista blue-screened. Hard. I did a system restore and fixed it, but what had crashed it was the last Windows Update. One more reason to wipe it and put Media Center back on.

Vista is very finicky about internet connections, it never can remember how to get to the open internet after it has made an initial connection to a wireless hot spot. Which means it won't show the sign-in web page usually required for those. Frankly, I see no improvements and lots of Bad Design.

While at the coffee shop, the parental units phoned. Mom's bored because Dad won't take her anywhere, but when I ask where, she says they can't go anyway because it's too much of a hassle to bring all their medical stuff along. Dad fell and hurt his elbow, sounds to me like a chipped bone in there but he said the x-rays were negative. He'll have them look at it again tomorrow.

Couldn't get Vista to connect to the coffee shop's net, so after I finished my mocha I left, thinking it was about time for Sunday Nite football. Should have stayed, lots of pretty women there. I didn't know they had a bye week for SNF - John Madden was at Oakland stadium this morning getting his hall of fame ring, so no evening show.

Not much on for tomorrow. Morning dermatology appointment to find out why my nails keep splitting.  Petco to use their 10% coupon for cat food. I should take advantage of being unemployed and go somewhere.
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