Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I Guess They Mostly Work on Mondays

Another Monday, another flurry of recruiter calls & email. So I have a phone screen with BigBand Networks in the morning, there's a 1-month contract at Minerva Networks which is almost mine for the asking and could start as early as Wednesday. The Minerva on-site recruiter called about it, as did two contract companies, and  I'm still in the running at MS, but won't know till Friday.

The day actually started off at Kaiser dermatology, where I had an appointment with an RNP about my chronic nail splitting. The bottom line was "there's no cure". She suggested B vitamins, moisturizer (vaseline works great, she said) and to protect the nail, get a silk wrap. I've thought of the latter, may do that tomorrow. Another excuse to visit the mall. RNP is a 40-ish woman with startlingly bright grey eyes. Attractive in a weird way - they are very much like my niece's.

Used my Petco coupon on cat food, water fountain filters and a male betta. When I move, I'll keep the bettas, and sell or give away the rest of my 30-gal tank. That would be 5 gouramis, a plecostamus and a couple of female swordtails.

Did some shopping for hand lotions, lots of stuff out there - how do people choose? Finally picked up some vaseline, and some intensive care lotion. Also got salad stuff.

Home in time for dinner, but then I looked at the white board and saw there was a BASFA meeting, so I headed out to Campbell for that. It was fun as usual.

Home, got out the wok and fried up three big yellow onions. Will drain them and mix them into the chopped liver, along with some scrambled egg, tomorrow.

Not much on the agenda for tomorrow. Phone screen at 10, maybe another one for Minerva too. More job hunt roulette. Probably will drive to Palo Alto to see a house which is in a pretty convenient location, just barely in my price range. Really a steal for a whole house rental.
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