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Last Day 'o' Freedom

Minerva Networks made me a good offer ($10/hr above my usual rate) so I will start a short-term QA contract with them tomorrow morning. Pretty much doing the job I should have been doing with Microsoft.


Have a lunch date with one of my Kasenna friends, and an appointment late afternoon to get my nails silk wrapped as the dermatologist suggested. Since it's the 25th, which is a month from my target date for moving, I will do some apartment hunting. I am hoping all I have to do is go back to my #1 choice and they will have a ground floor 2 BR available in the right time frame. But no problems if not, there are lots of places in my price range on CraigsList.

Next step is looking for a moving company which will handle the piano. The last two moves they lied.

This morning's culinary project was mashing the crispy fried onions and scrambled eggbeaters into the chopped liver. It tastes yummy. Yes, I licked the bowl. But the way chopped liver looks, it reminded me of this sick joke:

Child: "Mommy, mommy, may I lick the bowl?"

"Why can't you just flush it like everyone else?"

My Gateway recovery disc still has not shown up. Boo, hiss. Maybe tonight. Vista cooperated with me yesterday at Starbucks, so it has gone from crisis to annoyance. I will definitely not be moving to Vista until long after it is out and there are a full set of drivers. SP1, maybe.
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