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You MUST see this show!

I'll do a full review later, but these folks need a big audience this weekend, and despite the hefty $22 price tag and the Santa Clara location, Gilligan's Iland - The Musical is a must-see.

2- minute wrap-up:
Every member of the cast can sing, act and dance at a professional level.
Most of the music is excellent, above par tunefulness for a B'way musical
Superb directing & choreography (Keeping it simple)
Take the TV series, add great writing, much more character depth, and a love story which will bring tears to your eyes.
Beautiful new professional-grade theater building.
Mary Ann

Actors Theater Center
Mission City Center for the Performing Arts
3250 Monroe St. (near Wilcox High School - between Bowers and Lawrence Expwy)
Santa Clara
408-985-5500 or online at http://www.theatrecenter.biz/id123.html

This Fri-Sat 8 pm
Fri  -  Oct 27th 8:00PM
Sat – Oct 28th  8:00PM
Sun – Oct 29th 2:00P
Tue – Oct 31st 8:00PM
Thu – Nov 2nd 8:00PM
Fri – Nov 3rd 8:00PM
Sat – Nov 4th 8:30PM (Note time) - Closing

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