Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Running a PVR test, have 5 minutes before it is done recording so here I am.

Got to bed early, woke up to my usual alarms, except the TV turning on was a lot more effective now that it's high enough to see while I'm lying in bed. Will have to remember to turn the automatic light program off before I leave tomorrow, so it doesn't look like someone's home for the trick or treaters.

My credit came through fine for the new apartment, and I dropped off my offer letters at lunchtime. Should be no problem. So I went online and put myself in at two web sites to get bids for moving companies. The piano takes my moves out of the "friends-pizza-beer" realm. Piano movers charge as much for just the piano as the movers charge for the whole move, including the piano. I'm also going to be a weenie this time and let them pack much of the stuff.

About a minute after I filed my info, there was a call from a moving company, and they sounded great so I made a reservation, but then it dawned on me that (a) I asked to be contacted by email and (b) I had better check these people out on BBB.org. Sure enough, this one is not a Better Biz Bureau member and has an unsatisfactory rating. There are about 10 responses in my inbox, this evening I will check them all out on BBB and call the candidates. And I'll cancel the reservation I made earlier in my drunken stupor.

Test time. More later, maybe.

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