Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

All Howeirds Eve

A few minutes ago they had the costume contest at work, I'll post pix tomorrow if I have time. Taken on a phone camera, not too well focused. I semi dressed up - wore a fancy cowboy shirt & white 10-gal hat. The jeans look good too, but don't have boots or the belt buckle. Lots of women in black leotards, looking good. The woman in QA whom I have voted "most likely" was one of them, wearing cat ears. She has the eyes for it. But she disappeared when it was time for the group photo. I didn't disappear, but I watched from the sidelines since my costume wasn't much of one, and there were some real good ones, so it wasn't like I was going to win anything.

The two winners deserved their prizes, though I thought there was one costume better than both, except the manager who wore it only did so for long enuf to have his photo taken.

Went home at lunchtime to sign the official bye-bye letter. The apartment manager says not to bother hiring cleaners, they have to clean anyway. Cheaper to deduct it from the deposit. Sounds good to me. Canceled my reservation with one mover and made one with another. This one is a BBB member with a good record, and BBB actually used them for their local move. Based in SSF, which makes more sense to me than LA. Got about 5 calls from other companies. My first choice mover, based in Silly Valley, BBB member with good rating, wanted 2x the rate of all the others. $50 a body. Way more than I was prepared to pay. Looks like I'll be spending about $600 on this move, +/- $100.

Picked up the package - it was the Gateway recovery DVD, several days later than expected. Probably use it this weekend.

Also hit the PO and mailed the iPAQ.

Catching the 6:25 showing of The Prestige with a friend, a way to avoid the trick or treat crowd. Probably go somewhere for dinner afterward.

Thai food tomorrow night with two theater friends. I had wanted it to be a date with just one of them, but she insisted on me bringing someone else. This keeps happening to me. makes me feel like a registered sex offender. Or a parolee or something. Sigh.

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