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The Prestige and other stuff

Running an integrity test on a 9-hour PVR recording on my right, re-imaging my laptop on my left, have some time to write between the two.

Last night a friend and I escaped the rampaging hordes by going to see The Prestige. I was not expecting it to be a science fiction story. It's a pretty good one. Nutshell review - it was okay, but a case where it would work better as a book than as a movie. But one doesn't know this until the final 5 minutes, when All Is Revealed.

Technical side: I did not like the sepia toned and grainy effect. It was done on purpose, the movie is set in Victorian times, but I think it got in the way of otherwise okay cinematography and the somewhat crude special effects. Audio was good, but actor enunciation was missing at a couple of crucial moments. Usually on close-ups and especially during the overly drawn-out death scene. The costumers had a field day, some of it excellent period stuff, some Just Plain Wrong, especially the prison outfits.

Acting: Pretty good, but no Oscars. If they gave "best character actor" David Bowie would win hands down for his amazing transition into Nikola Tesla. Is there a movie this year Hugh Jackman is not in? A fine actor, but why did he choose to keep his porn career stage name?**  Michael Caine in yet another boring performance playing a boring character. Scarlet Johansson is hot. Rebecca Hall isn't.

My Gateway laptop is happily cranking away, wiped out Vista RC1 and re-imaging XP Media Center Edition from the recovery DVD. In theory I am sad to go back to 32-bit OS, but since Vista was slow, I'm not crying real tears.

The Diet Coke in the company soft drink case tastes funny. Turns out they have changed the formula to use Splenda. For the first time in my life, I prefer Diet Pepsi.

Last night I finally got around to putting together the "company policy" page for the pet sitter's web site I've been helping out with. I tried to talk her out of it, it's basically an amateur's attempt at a legal contract between client and provider. It's not well done, and strikes me as a pretty stupid thing to put on your web site. But it's her site, and I agreed to help, so...

Time to go to former boss' goodbye lunch, Mexican (alleged) food in scenic Alviso. 

**Yes, that was a joke.
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