Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

A Thrill A Minute

So I have my laptop in the car, newly re-imaged and with lots of software which needs to be online to be registered and updated. So I looked on the Starbucks web site to see where my nearest hot spot was to the new job, and found a very strange and winding path to the corner of Montague Expressway and where Mission College Blvd ends. Little strip mall, decent sized Starbucks. Made lots of wrong turns, but finally got here. It was nearly empty when I arrived around 6:30, by 7:15 it is packed. Interesting view of expressway traffic, which I have my back to.

I've updated McAfee, registered MS Office 2003, and am now running MS Update, which says I need 50 updates. Wow. This is XP Media Center Edition, which is not all that old. Also am downloading the latest s/w for the webcam, and finished putting Yahoo messenger on. Removed AOL, Napster and a couple of other stupid bundled programs (MS Works demo was one).

Work was good today, got a lot done, found some show-stopper bugs. The Woman Most Likely is the point person for Test Director, the test tracking program we use. I used it a bit at Sony, but only to run automated tests - Sony had their own bug tracking system. She's happy to help, and there's probably some psychological axiom that when you help someone, you become more attached to them. Not at all a bad thing in this case.

Tried to have lunch at the strip of lunch spots next door, but at 12:30 the only place with any seating was Togo's, so that's where I ate.Will have to go later from now on. There isn't much in the neighborhood, though I suppose I ought to try my fave Chinese place on the corner of Tasman and Lawrence. It's only a little farther than I really want to go for lunch.

This morning I found a tray of slides which I had been looking for to use in the Thai Peace Corps project, all kinds of photos of our training group. Will scan those in tonight or tomorrow, I think.

Payday tomorrow, not quite a week's salary, through Halloween, which surprised me because the time card was due on the 30th.


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