Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

A Productive day, so far

Took the camera, a tape measure and clipboard to the new apartment. Signed what seemed like several dozen pieces of lease documentation. Unlike the obfuscatory novel which was presented to me 2 years ago at the current apartment, this one was a series of simple, well-written docs which spelled things out well. Less daunting than putting it all in one big lump. A couple of pages are more useful than others - one gives all the info about the address, parking space, walkway and driveway gate codes. Another lists all the charges due on move-in day. Big pet deposit - $900 for 2 kitties, and December rent on top of the 1 week of November I'll be moved in. But they had given me a worksheet when I applied for the place, so none of this is a surprise.

After the paperwork was done, the nice lady let me in and left me to measure and photograph to my heart's content. The photos are not as useful as I hoped, because the workers are well into remodeling, and there are some incongruities, such as the toilet in the bedroom, the upstairs bathroom completely ripped out, and equipment on the floors of all the rooms. But the measurements will come in handy.

The upstairs rooms have a very nice perk - beamed vaulted ceilings, with skylights.There's a skylight in the bathroom. The second bedroom, which will be the computer room/office, is nice and bright but it's going to be a challenge making the master bedroom dark. I'll post some photos later.

From there I went to Sunnyvale, and found legendary Ahwanee Avenue. Walked the length of the section which parallels Mathilda, and then back for lunch at Hobees. The service was slow, the food mediocre, but it's pretty inside. Kind of small. If Ahwaneecon decides to hold any organizational meetings on their namesake street, I would suggest the Denny's next door. Will post photos for the con to abuse Real Soon Now.

After lunch, I drove to my favorite Starbucks, which is where I am now, Installing yet more software onto the newly re-imaged laptop. Bookmarks from the home PC, the latest (and last) Eudora. Qualcomm has decided to get out of the email app business, and 7.1 will be their last effort. They claim to  have moved to open source, but that's probably a crock. Motorola makes a fine phone tools app which I think I paid about $30 for a couple of years ago. So far I think I have downloaded 6 updates, and counting. They have a spiffy Live Update tool, but it's too stupid to find the latest update and install it. And yes, I know that sometimes you need update 4 installed before you can install update 5, but a Live Update tool should do that all in one fell swoop. In the background, preferably. And after all those updates, it fails to install with a cryptic "com port" failure. Also put a few other programs on, and ran windows update again.

It's getting dark, probably time to u and go home, make myself something resembling dinner, with a stop at the store for salad stuff.

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