Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Day of the Sun

Is it a full moon tonight? Or was that last night?

I was chatting on Yahoo with a woman in Roi-Et, Thailand. Webcam to webcam. For those of you who do not have a map of the world, let alone of Thailand, let me explain. While Thailand is a pretty internet-equipped country, Roi-Et is a province in the middle of nowhere. It used to be a teak forest, but they cut down all the trees for elephant carvings and furniture 20 years ago, so I have no idea what they have now. Not much. probably.

My spoken Thai is better than her written English, and I sure wish she had a microphone...

Anyhow, I'm here now because her connection dropped, which it is wont to do with Yahoo chat, no matter where the person is.

Busy morning. I tossed everything from the storage room which didn't need to go to the new place. Cleared the old 10-gal aquarium & stand off the patio and got the unused work light kit out of the downstairs bathroom. Took all the electronics I posted about last week to Goodwill, plus a car subwoofer which has been taking up space in my livingroom for 2 years. More, since I bought it when I worked at Sony, about 3 years ago now.

I think everything in the computer room closet will find a home in the new apartment. Lots of closet space there. Will go through the clothes closet during the week. The downstairs coat closet will get pared down. I don't think I will be wearing that 49ers jacket any more. Not just because of the (alleged) team -- it's ugly and made out of non-breathing plastic. Hmm. So is the team.

I never wear suits, I should Goodwill most of my collection.

Did some shopping, kitty litter and sundries at The French Store, while there I saw a 12" flat-bottomed anodized aluminum wok for $50 which was just what I have been looking for, except I need 14". Yes, size matters.  So I took myself to Standford shopping center thinking Macy's, Bloomie's or Williams Sonoma would have one. W&S and Bloomie's both had a disgraceful lack of wok-like objects. Macy's had several 12"-ers, but the only 14" they had looked like the non-stick surface was not only not going to stick to the food, but it was not going to stick to the pot. And they wanted $160 for the same 12" wok Target was selling for $50.

I think I'll shop online instead, will pay less for shipping than tax.

Watched most of Sunday Night Football, which is the new MNF. Unlike the cretins on ESPN Monday nights, Madden and Michaels keep their comments on the game, and any trivia they come up with is related to the game. MNF has taken to chatting about all kinds of crap, completely forgetting that the reason they are on the air is because viewers want to see and hear the football game.

Plans for tomorrow - work, then probably go home and read the election pamphlet. And figure out where I'm supposed to vote. They changed it for the third time in a row.

Won't go to BASFA, partly because Newark is a pain in the butt to get to, especially after dark to a place I've never been before, but more because I really need to do my traditional "read the election stuff just before the election". Will go online too, league of women voters, maybe murky news pages. And absence makes the puns grow funnier.


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