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Better latent than never

As promised, the photos are now online from last weekend's to the apartment-to-be. You can see them here. The place was in an extreme state of being remodeled, which is a Good Thing in general, but bad for photos. And also bad for getting a clear idea of the size and shape of the rooms. But I did get decent measurements and, with the help of some online furniture arrangement web sites, some ideas on what can go where.

Things I like about the new place, pre-move:

- Cats everywhere
- Balcony with a view of the pool area
- Skylight in the upstairs bathroom
- Vaulted/beamed ceilings upstairs
- Kitchen-dining room has a bar between (no photos because stuff was in the way)
- Cleaner layout to what will be the computer room (no stupid cut-out angles)
- Deep deep storage closet in master bedroom (matches the one in current computer room)
- Linen closets upstairs and downstairs
- Big under-stairs closet (deeper than current apt.)
- Built-in shelf/display thingie between kitchen/diningroom and livingroom. Nice place for my bettas

Things I don't like:

- 90 degree turn in stairs
- Smaller livingroom
- Gas heater is where I want the piano to be
- Many layers of paint on what is probably a gorgeous wood beam ceiling upstairs
- Thin carpets
- Longer walk to the car
- I will miss the quiet back yard patio with giant redwoods

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