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Mostly boring day. Got up in time to have a truncated breakfast and catch the 11:19 to SF. 30 Stockton bus to Stockton, walked to Grant Ave and the China Gate 2 blocks away, and searched for The Wok Shop where I figured I would find a good solid anodized aluminum non-stick wok for <$100. Nope. The had several items which were labeled "wok" but were just large saucepans. They didn't flare out like a wok. They had lots of woks, but none of them the quality and shape I wanted.

I was supposed to meet a friend for late lunch at 2, but she had to bail, family stuff which I agreed was a higher priority. So around 2:30 I went upstairs to Kan's for dim sum. The place was almost empty, very fast service, and great food.

Then  I started looking in every store which might have woks. Had some close-but-not-quite Teflon ones, but again more saucepan than wok. Judy Chen makes a wok which was just what I was looking for except the biggest size is 12" and I was looking for 14". Well, she does make a 14" one but it has two small handles instead of the one long and one short that I'm used to.

Nothing on Grant so I hiked up hill to Stockton, which has more hardware/food stores and is not as touristy as Grant. Found something very close to what I wanted. Right size, look, weight, handles but not non-stick. Only $27, a very good price for that high quality. So I bought it, knowing I would have to season it when I got home.

Walked back to China Gate and had a mocha at the Starbucks there. It seemed fitting, as I had been in the Starbucks in Chengdu China about a year ago.

Caught the bus back to the train station, the driver was rude, an idiot, and apparently in a hurry. Got there 9 minutes after the train left, which was about 10 minutes sooner than I expected. I didn't think I'd have a 50-minute wait.

Spent the time outside on a park bench programming my cell phone. Adding voice commands to some of the phone numbers. Had to stop when some homeless a-hole tied his dog up nearby and started playing ball with a friend. Dog barked up a storm, a-hole ignored him.

Boring ride home, watched the Bears clobber the Giants in HDTV. Seasoned the wok during commercials. The apartment smells like burned oil. I have the upstairs windows open to pull some of that out. I forgot the apartment is having its pre move-out inspection tomorrow morning.

Went downstairs, it smells okay. Turned up the air freshener gadget just in case.

Plans for tomorrow:

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