Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Wednesday's Childe

Slept real well last night, chalk it up to the Irish cream liquor. 4 oz of that and at midnight I decided to forgo the champagne and German chocolate cake until tonight. Also need to think about someplace nice to take myself for dinner. Traditionally I either have brisket or lobster, but then again traditionally I also Get Lucky™ on my birthday, but that doesn't look like it's gonna happen this year.

Stopped off at the apartment office on the way to work, picked up two small packages from UPS. Stuff I'd bought online - a new mobile phone manager program which works over bluetooth, and a set of SATA hard drive data connectors, which it turns out I don't need after all. More accurately, what I thought was a bad connector turned out to be a bad drive. These connectors are a definite improvement over the current ones in that they snap onto the drive where the standard ones just push in and can slip out easily. But these new connectors use the SATA power connector space without having an actual power cable, so I would have to reconfigure my PC power supply to use molex power connectors instead of the SATA ones. Or maybe I can buy SATA cables which snap on and provide both data and power via the SATA cable.

Had a rude shock this morning when Quicken downloaded a $146 Amex charge I could not account for. Figured out it was for a spare hard drive I'd tried to order online but the browser crashed before I could get a confirmation, and I did not get email either.

Doing a boring but necessary test at work. Take an 8-hour recording on the PVR, and FF to 10 minutes before the end, press "play" and see if it plays ok. Then RW to 10 minutes from the start, and do the same. First RW test froze (audio continued to play but video stuck on a single frame). Need to do this 10 times before I am satisfied I have a legit idea of how often it happens. At 25x FF/RW, each iteration takes about 18 minutes. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Major cashectomy coming up. I need to get a bank check for the new apartment, which amounts to more than 2x the monthly rent, thanks to a $900 pet deposit and not only is the rent for the week between move-in and Dec 1 due, but also December's rent as well. And the movers want cash or a money order, and minus the $150 deposit that looks like it will be about $600. Won't know till the job is done since it's hourly. My savings account will not be happy. It is times like these when I wish I had children, so I could sell them to the Gypsies. Oh wait -- I am the Gypsies! Never mind.

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