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You Know How To Whistle, Don't You?

I'm ripping some tracks from CDs for my next "Faves" CD - what I listen to in the car. This will be #11. Well, #13 if you count the two musicals CDs, but they kind of suck at the moment. Anyhow, listening to Tata Young's Best Of CD set, because Cinderella is going on the next CD.

On another album, Dangerous, there is a very beautiful song in Thai which is titled in English Love Song in the Wind. It is one of those rare songs where the tune is gorgeous and the words match. And it has a little gimmick at the end which I just adore.

My Thai is not that good, but the song's lyrics are mostly pretty simple, so I'll take a stab at it:

Hear in the wind which blows everywhere
A song may enter your heart
and also bring tears
(something about the heart)

Can you remember when we used to meet?
I didn't know if you would  leave or not

One word only
I wanted to say to you
Held in my heart till we meet
That word is love
I love you

But speaking (something something) you, do you agree?
Could speak to many people, one person would hear
I've seen that, but it's stingy(?) love
I'll give it to the wind which blows, floats by

Repeat Chorus, change the last line to:

I love only you

Repeat last verse

[Singer takes a deep breath, pause, blows]

It's not a complete translation, and I'm sure I've got bits wrong, but the general idea is there. I'm a sucker for romantic songs. Especially romantic songs about LDRs.

Listen to it here. (it's a big file, wait for it to load and to find an MP3 player). Let me know what you think. IMHO, you don't need to understand Thai to enjoy it.
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