Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Moving Day in One Week

And counting. Got everything done I had planned on, and then some. And realized I can put off any actual packing till next week, on account of Thursday and Friday being no-work days.

Started the day by loading up the car to the gills with electronics. Three tubs of spare parts, including such things as modems, audio cards, video cards, power supply, at least one Pentium II motherboard complete with processor and RAM. Several DVD drives, all kinds of cables and connectors. Also into the trunk went a portable TV. In the back seat was a Windows 95 laptop, two Pentium PCs and an empty tower case. Basically 4 years of spare parts.

Into the front seat went a box of spray paint, oil, assorted hazardous waste.

At about 10:30 I drove out to the computer recycling center, and it took maybe 5 minutes to drop off all the electronics stuff.  Which left me a LOT of time before my 1 pm appointment with the hazardous waste collection site at 1 pm, so I changed plans slightly and went home via U-haul, where I stood in line for half an hour just to get some boxes. The Mountain View U-haul center is poorly laid out, and even more poorly managed. There are four cashier stations, but the staff all do everything from cashier to checking in/out equipment to taking job applications. The manager was doing all this PLUS answering the phone and helping the staff figure out how to do complicated stuff, like take a cash transaction. It also slowed things down that they had overbooked, and one customer was given a couple of bad choices as alternatives to the vehicle he had booked. It does not instill confidence to hear the man behind the counter say the power steering works fine when you are turning left, but does not kick in when you are turning right, "and that's the one with the transmission problem, it takes a while to get up to speed".

Got my boxes, finally, went home and had lunch, and spent some quality time with the cats. Both of them wanted to park on my lap as I caught up on a couple of episodes of Desperate Housewives. Somewhere between waiting in line at U-haul and the drive home it dawned on me that I had all day Thanksgiving and Friday to pack, so there was no reason to do that today and be walking around piles of boxes all week. And also the bank and the apartment office are open Friday, so I can get the move-in check and collect my keys then, instead of doing the bank today and waiting till Saturday morning to finish the apartment paperwork while the movers were en route.

The Santa Clara hazardous waste monthly drop-off is a major production. First they check your ID, then you drive to this queue where about 30 people in white paper hazmat costumes and blue rubber gloves are lined up in front of bins. You drive the the next available spot in the line, turn off your engine and open the appropriate door locks. They remove the stuff, and send you on your way. It took maybe 7 minutes.

Back home again, caught up on the rest of Desperate Housewives, three episodes in one afternoon. That is one very well-written show, and somehow they make completely outrageous events seem like just another day on the block. My folks tell me it is the only TV they watch together. That's saying a lot.

During the Tivo session I'm looking at the aquarium and agonizing over what was going to happen to the fish. As in, when was I going to flush them down? Today would be the best day to put the tank in the dumpster, since garbage was collected yesterday and there would be plenty of room.  I just could not see killing the pets, so I phoned my favorite tropical fish store, Bangkok Aquarium, and asked if they would take them. They asked me to describe them, and when I did they said sure, they would be happy to find them a new home. So I pulled out all the ornaments and floating plants, got three big zip-lock bags, and caught the fish and put them in the bags, and took them to Bangkok where they were gratefully accepted. I'd forgotten what a good market there is for adult fish - most of the stuff you buy are just-weaned, and not as likely to survive the first week in a new tank.

Back home, I drained the tank, put it on a dolly and hauled it out to the dumpster. But the wet gravel made it too heavy to lift up over the top of the bin, so I got a trowel and bucket and got most of the gravel out, dumped that, and then was able to dump the tank. The stand and cover followed.

While I was on the gravel theme, it was time to change the litterbox too.

Went to Sizzler for dinner, then home again. Popped a DVD in the player (it has been weeks since I touched my Netflix stash). This time it was Lost Boys. A few of my friends told me it is a Must See.

Not my kind of flick, but it was funny to see all the location shots in very familiar Santa Cruz dolled up for the movie, and hysterical that they mocked Santa Clara by calling the town Santa Carla. Which they pronounced Santa Care-la. I would rate it as a top of the line amateur/indie film.

Maybe it was the film, or the very hectic day, or the 2 am low blood sugar event which woke me up last night, but I went upstairs and took a nap for an hour. And then for another hour.

Plans for tomorrow:

Stanford Savoyards for the 2:30 matinée of The Sorcerer
Hang out somewhere and read
Get ready for the last 3 days at the soon to be old job.

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