Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Not quite a Meme

Was emailed this from a fellow who used to manage a group I was in, and thought I would share it.

There are thirty two teams in the National Football League. Below are
clues for thirty one of them. Which one is missing?

1 Army Insects
2 Seven Squared
3 Cat mobile
4 Steakers
5 747's
6 Hostile attackers
7 Hard metal
8 Suntanned bodies
9 Debts
10 Helpers to relocate
11 Alamo defenders
12 Toy babies with appendages
13 Killers birds
14 Six rulers
15 Ewes mates
16 Boy scouts
17 American gauchos
18 Fundamental rule
19 Credit card users
20 Indian leaders
21 King of beasts
22 Used to be girls
23 A dollar for corn
24 Ocean going bird
25 Hot epidermus
26 Cinch your belt
27 Scud busters
28 Louis Armstrong's song
29 Rodeo horses
30 Six shooters
31 "Nevermore"


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