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LJ Break

Just taking a quick break here, having boxed up all the stuff from the book shelves in the "office" and all my CDs and videos. 13 boxes upstairs and 7 downstairs. Will go shortly back downstairs to watch the last of the final football game on HD. Turns out my $5/month HDTV box from Comcast gets me free Thursday Nite Football. Big whoop.

The only reason I know it's Thanksgiving is I'm not at work and all the TV ads have a Christmas theme. I ought to ditch my MS contract and move to LA for the month, I could get bookoo Santa gigs.

In a related note: WTF is this idiocy of stores opening at 5 effing AM tomorrow. Walmart and Circuit City are the ones I've seen advertised so far. How nutzo is that? I mean, who buys presents before December 24, anyway?

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