Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Moving the cats

Two cats, two totally different reactions to moving.

Pumpkin hid under the bed for the first hour and a half of the move, but I was able to put Domino into the downstairs bathroom with food/water/litterbox right away. They both spent way too much time in there because the movers were way slow.

I let them out before we headed for the new apartment, so they had the run of the old place for almost three hours.

When I came back to collect them, Domino went into her carrier right away, no fuss. Pumpkin put up a mighty struggle, and I had to pour him in upside-down. He righted himself pretty quickly, though.

They were both silent for most of the trip, just a little mewing from Pumpkin about a block from the new place.

In the new apartment, neither of them wanted to leave their carriers at first. Domino left with minimal encouragement, but Pumpkin had to be tipped out, and he went around the place howling and looking for a way out. After going upstairs to do something I came down to find him inside Domino's little carrier, still complaining.

Domino was very affectionate, camping out on the bed when I was upstairs, and sitting on my lap and on the arm of the recliner, purring, when I took breaks. That's a way of expressing insecurity I can deal with. Domino stayed scrunched underneath a low end table for hours, I finally moved it away, and he howled and went somewhere else. I have no idea where he is now, probably upstairs under the bed or something.

The first time I opened the door, Domino bolted and ran half a block away, around a corner and down a pathway towards the back of the complex. I called him and he came to me, but I had to grab him and throw him inside, he did not want to go in there. He tried to bolt several more times, so I had to make sure I had at least one hand free any time I opened the door. He seems to have gotten over that now, but one never knows.

Tomorrow I'll install the cat door so they can go out on the balcony. And I'll put the litterbox there. The food and water will stay in the dining room (how appropriate). It will be nice to have the litterbox away from the food, for a change. One thing nice about this place is both bedrooms have a balcony door, so if I put a cat door panel in one, I can still use the other (the panel makes the door opening a squeeze for me to get through).



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