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Humpday Plus One

It was a good day. Lots done at work and at the apartment. I'm not getting thrown to the wolves at work as fast as expected because another group which shares responsibility for the lab was doing a major overhaul today, so I needed to stay out from underfoot in my office. Ironically, today they set my key card to allow access to the lab.

But it gave me time to sit down with one of the gurus and learn how to configure one of the boxes we use for testing live TV channel feeds. Tiny box has a small version of Linux installed in it. Sprayed silicon lube all over my chair, but it remained the Terrance and Philip Memorial Chair, so I donated it to the lab and acquired a quieter one from an empty office. Also started reading the manual for another video analyzer, because boss says it's chock full of clues on the innards of a video stream. Unfortunately they buried the good stuff 4 chapters in, so I was just getting to it when it was time to go home.

Instead of lunch I went and had my nails re-done. The acrylic did more damage than protection, and the nice lady gave me a double silk wrap to make up for it. Took more than an hour.

Back at the apartment I turned on the football game on HD, but didn't watch much of it. Got a lot of screwdriver and hammer stuff done instead:

  • Installed the cat door on the balcony sliding door
    • Domino figured it out right away. Pumpkin got outside but needed help finding the door back inside.
  • Put my NOLA bead art up in the livingroom
  • Hung the white board by the front door
  • Hung the medicine cabinet in the bathroom
  • Assembled a clothes rack for my T-shirts and set that up in the bedroom
  • Broke down several boxes after consolidating their contents
  • Put away the laundry soap and associated jugs of stuff
    • The movers had not tightened or taped the caps, so there was some spilled soap and softener liquid
  • Caught up on 3 days' LJ reading
  • Looked up my piano serial number online, it said 1901-1910 was the manufacture date range.
    • That doesn't jibe with the last time I looked it up (1896), and it also is too wide a date range considering the serial number is only 4765 - the Schiller company did not crank out so many pianos as to have that much spread.

Plans for tomorrow: Work, and more unpacking boxes, unless I decide to go see the show at Pear Ave Theater instead.
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