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Don't know why I've been feeling tired all day. Probably the piles of boxes and facing the daunting task of finishing my move. I made a trip to The French Store for some plastic snap-together shelves for the office closet, and (among other things) got an electronic thermostat for the gas heater at OSH. What is it with apartments that they install these el cheapo thermostats which are impossible to read, and even if you could read them they would only be accurate to somewhere between arctic and equatorial? Also, I have a mind like a steel sieve when it comes to remembering to turn the thing down when I go to work, so a programmable one saves a lot of $$.

Started the morning at the PC setting up a program called Check Designer 2006, version 5. It lets you print checks on paper which is blank except for the security background pattern. I chose it because it lets you customize everything, including adding a background photo. After half an hour of inputting my bank data and cropping some of my Thailand photos to the aspect ratio of a check, and using their clever widget to make those the high-gamma (faint) background, I fired up Quicken, and tried to print a check. Error message said the version I had bought last night on the manufacturer's web site was not compatible with Quicken 2006, and I needed to upgrade. So I logged into their site, and saw I was sold something two revs old. Upgraded, which cost another $20, and this time it worked very well. I printed my dues checks for Friends of Thailand and NorCal Peace Corps Assn. using the Thai background, and they looked very pretty.

Made  a couple of moving milestones today. Moved the litterbox out onto the balcony upstairs and showed the cats where to find it. That section of the balcony is covered, and they have the cat door installed now. It's a little bit of a squeeze for Pumpkin, but more because it is low rather than because it is narrow. He's a cat, he'll deal.

Installed and programmed the thermostat, installed the paper towel holder and hanging basket. Took my hundreds of T-shirts out of their boxes and put them on a wire shelf. I need another tier. That emptied out the bedroom closet, which allowed me to put a lot of stuff from boxes in the office into there. Assembled two shelf units and put them in the office closet, and populated them with what had been in the office closet in the previous place (that apartment had shelves built into the closets). So now all the big boxes which the movers packed are unloaded, except for the one which has stuff from a little hutch, mostly PC equipment pamphlets and postal shipping stuff. I need to dump that box out onto the bed to see if the mover put the hutch shelves into the box. If not, I need to buy another hutch. The shelves are smaller than a foot square, easy enough to lose. Or put somewhere I won't find them till the next move.

I have not wired any of my AV studio to the computer yet. It's a low priority, especially since I need to figure out a way to not make it the rat's nest it became at the last place. I suppose I could hook up the webcam and mike. I need to record some audio email for my uncle sometime this weekend.

During all this unpacking stuff I forgot to check what time the Silicon Valley Browncoats were meeting, and by the time I found out it was at noon, my clock said 5:30 pm. Oh well. Next month.

Took frequent football breaks. Saw enough of the USC-UCLA game to be impressed with UCLA's defense. Heard a lot of the Big Game on KZSU as I drove to and from the stores. The announcers were surprised Stanford was doing as well as they were. With my de-bias filter in place, it sounded more like Cal decided to phone it in. And OK-NE was just plain boring. Except for when they showed scenes from downtown Kansas City, and I started wondering whether OK or NE had annexed KC. Like, maybe they outbid KS and MO.

Plans for tomorrow:

  • One (I hope) final foray into Christmas Muzak Hell for some more storage shelves, and picture hangers (too many bent nails from the old place).

  • Figure out the final office bookshelf arrangement, and unpack the books, photo albums, CDs and videos.

  • Hook up the USB headphones/mike and make some talking email for Aunt & Uncle.

  • Maybe wire the AV rack to the computer. Or Not.

  • Watch some football.

  • Meet a friend at Starbuck's

  • Neaten up the cabinet next to the PC which has my old cassette tapes, label maker, envelopes and assorted memory chips.


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