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Tu's Day Blu's

Up early, to be at work at 8 instead of 9 for something which could easily have waited till 9. And now I am told I will be doing the morning stuff for the next week, which means coming in by 8:30 at the latest. Boo. Hiss. At least they will pay overtime, unlike the previous MS contract. Now that winter's here, I need to find some theater to do.

My contract rep is due tomorrow, to provide pizza for her dozen or so charges. She lives/works in WA, only visits every 8 weeks or so.

Busy busy day, very interrupt-driven. Boss doesn't have ADD but he may as well have. Good guy though, he is responsive to suggestions like "Maybe I should finish this task you just started me on before running to the other building to do the one you just thought of?"

Had a very good lesson from the encoder guru on the infrastructure of our lab. More to come, next week.

Came to Starbucks instead of going straight home, wanting some eye candy, and to try the egg nog latte. No eye candy, and the ENL is bland.

Random thought which occurred to me this morning: many young women who are interested in men my age have this daddy thing going on. And they expect it to be reciprocal. I personally do not get off on being called "daddy". I think it's because I've never had kids and so don't have that particular forbidden fantasy, and I'm not turned on by dumb and helpless. But I definitely am turned on by young and perky. Smart helps.

So we're having intermittent problems with the video stream for Animal Planet, and having patched in a different cable configuration, we're monitoring the feed, and I quip that I am holding out for Vegetable Planet. Which is when the people on the screen unexpectedly grab large pieces of turf laid out in a big wooden frame in front of them, to reveal Velcro fasteners. They wear the grass as robes, dresses, skirts and doublets. We are talking real grass here, not astroturf. They go to the barn and let a horse graze on one of the women. The large-booty woman in the short grass skirt gave a whole new meaning to the phrase "grassy ass, senorita".

Still trying to decide whether I'm going to bagelfather's Hanumas party. I'm not a big fan of latkes or Xmas symbols, and I'm fresh out of the blood of Christian babies.

I know I'm not the first to notice, but vampires suck.

Torchwood. I wonder if there are DVDs yet in the UK. I'm too much of a videophile to inflict Divx on myself for what I imagine is a superbly produced series. Time to look on amazon.co.uk, I guess.

While I'm online I suppose I should buy a couple of Shawn Colvin CDs.

Quote of the day:

"Would you do her?"

"Not on purpose."

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