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More moving boredom

All the boxes packed by the movers except two have been emptied. One is a medium sized box with postal stuff for my eBay sales and a row of small computer equipment manuals. I found the missing shelves for the hutch they go in, and maybe I'll finish that box after I'm done writing this. The other is a small box of bedroom night stand stuff, but the shelf for the night stand remains missing, and probably will never be found.

Big accomplishment of the evening came about when I finally took my packet of move-in paperwork out of the car and went through it. The reason I took it out is there was a sheet which had phone numbers of utility companies which needed to be called, and I wanted to find the one for NW&P, the folks who do the water/sewer/garbage. Here's the story:

This morning I logged into PG&E's web site to change my address info, which turned out to be one order to stop service at the old address and another to start it here. Then I went to NW&P's site and found bupkiss. It showed my account balance was $0, but had no routine for change of address. When I got to work I phoned the number on the web page, and after 15 minutes of very nice flamenco guitar jazz music on hold, they said my leasing office would handle it. So I wanted to see the paperwork to make sure. Sure enough, there was no info on NW&P. But there were the dozen or so room layout drawings I'd done with some nifty trial period software. And it included all the various possible living room ideas, which it turned out none would work because I forgot the patio door was in the livingroom, not the dining room. Can't really put the sofa or piano in front of the patio door.

And it had the office layout, which was 90% what I have now, and the other 10% looked like a much better idea. To whit: Move the book shelves into the corners so they face each other at right angles, and move the CD racks out of the corners, but against the same wall they already were on. Which meant moving the power for the computer and lamps, because one book case was going there.

It looks pretty good. Maybe now I can find the energy to un-box the books, photos and CDs. Not tonight or tomorrow night. Too late for tonight and I have a Peace Corps alumni get-together tomorrow night.

BASFA meeting last night was entertaining as usual, but turnout was somewhat sparse. One nice thing about this group is pretty much everyone holds his/her own, so it doesn't take many to make for an enjoyable meeting. They are looking for alternative meeting places, and I must remember to suggest a place which is open till 10, since the one we're at now closes at 9:30, and that is not enough time for all our "business" when there is a big crowd.

I should put something here for those who don't know what BASFA is or what their meetings are like. The Bay Area Science Fiction Assn. is just what it sounds like, there is a $5 lifetime membership fee, guests are welcome, and currently they meet every Monday at 8 p.m. at Emil Villa's Hick'ry Pit in Campbell, sort of behind the Pruneyard.

There is a strict order to the meetings which Pres. Trey does a most excellent job of maintaining, while allowing (usually) brief forays off the path in the interest of humor, fairness and parliamentary procedure. I like to call the style Dread Pirate Roberts' Rules of Order.

The meeting agenda looks something like this:

Call to order
Establish a collection jar (puns cost 25¢ each - I pay $1 in advance)
Establish a party jar (this requires a motion from the floor - also used for the pun tax, donor's choice which jar funds go into)
Read the minutes
Approve the minutes as "fill in the blank". Each week a vote is taken on how the minutes are to be accepted. Some clever line or inside joke is the norm. First suggestion with a majority vote wins.
Officers' reports (these are considerably longer when the VP is present)
Committee reports
New business (raise your hand if you have any to report. Ditto for follow-ons to other people's notes)
Reviews (raise your hand if you have any. Ditto for follow-ons to other people's reviews)
Auction (usually run by the Treasurer). Pretty much anything which can be carried into the room can be auctioned (proceeds can go to the general fund or the party fund), but the usual are books, CDs, DVDs, shiny sci-fi related objects. So far I have seen no children or other small animals put up for auction
Rumor of the week (the first one with a majority vote of approval wins)

The meetings are fun and informative, and a large part of their charm for me is the sense of bottled anarchy.

Enough already. Plans for tomorrow:

Early and hectic day at work.
NorCal RPCV Hangout in Mountain View


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