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Review - Deja Vu

No spoilers here, mostly because any description of the plot would be a spoiler. This is a superbly written/acted/directed film, the first time in ages where I did not even think of looking at my watch, which is saying a lot for a 2-hour film.

The action opens at the Algiers ferry pier across the river from New Orleans, and is set in present-day. Major kudos for shooting in NOLA, and for showing neighborhoods still ravaged by Katrina. I went with a friend who grew up in Algiers, which made it a wee bit more poignant for me, but the message is strong even without that connection.

Denzel Washington delivers a great performance, and only the somewhat type-casting of the role would make it short of Oscar-worthy. Ditto the leading lady, played by Paula Patton. Think "Halle Berry plays the girl next door". I would be surprised if this does not get nominated for best editing, cinematography, screenplay, sound and best supporting actor for Val Kilmer.

The more I want to say about the film, the more I realize I would be spoiling it for those who have not seen it. Suffice to say it's a police thriller with a twist which most of my LJ friends will appreciate.

See it.
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