Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Sunday -- Betta Breakers

The Big News today is the female betta died. Not surprising, since the female takes quite a squeezing during the egg laying process, and then the male hectors her (chases and nips at her) after the eggs hatch, in his attempt to protect the babies. Betta mothers will eat their own young...

There are a lot of babies - at least a dozen, it's hard to count since they are so small and can be anywhere in the tank, especially among the plants.

Spent some time this morning watching amateur web cams, am still amazed at the geographical diversity of women who will take off clothing for strangers. And who just are there to chat. The US, UK and Australia are the most common, this morning there also were women from Taiwan, Singapore, Chiba China, Johore Malaysia, India, Indonesia, Turkey, Spain, France and Jamaica. A woman from Italy tried to strike up a conversation, at least someone who claimed to be a woman, from Palermo, Sicily. But she did not speak enough English, and after she couldn't figure out how to show me a picture of herself I got tired of doing the online Italian-English dictionary thing. Too many people out there in chat land expect to see and not be seen. I don't have much patience for that.

Listened to the Jacksonville game on the radio while doing some straightening up in the computer room and bedroom, and then went downstairs to watch it, but the only game on TV was Oakland doing yet another imitation of a bad college team.

After lunch it was time to meet friend for the movie, see my review of Deja Vu in an earlier post.

Bought some stuff at Fry's to further straighten things up in the office. There is no phone jack in the office (odd because it's supposed to be a second bedroom) so I had to run phone wire from the VOIP router into the master bedroom instead of being able to just plug into a jack. Which meant getting wire, a duplex adapter, and stick-on guide clips. Also picked up a 4x TV amplifier so I can drive the computer's tuner card, TV set, and VCR in the office from a single source instead of using a power-draining splitter. Hooked all of that up during halftime of the Saints/Cowboys blowout. Nice to see the Saints win, and they ended the game with more class and sportsmanship than I have seen in a long time  ever.

As usual, phoned my folks after the game.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe Monday Night Football


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