Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Checking in

It's way too busy at work, with more stuff added to my plate daily, so I'm not reading LJ or entering much during the day. Not much at night either.

After work today I did some grocery shopping, including some giant scallops, which I sauted in garlic, thyme and basil. Tasted great. Watched the 49ers-Seahawks game until the second niners touchdown. I'm a Seahawks fan, and they should have won handily. Feh.

I'm trying to make a DVD from a videotape of Naughty Marietta, the Nelson Eddy, Jeanette MacDonald 1935 classic. I wasn't able to find it on DVD, and my folks really need a copy. The first capture I did was with the audio boosted, but the original audio is so poor the boost just distorted it. Next go-round I left the audio at line input level, and tried to boost the brightness and contrast, but it looked washed out on the replay. Third try the audio developed a bad buzz. Changed some connections and tried again, but it was no better. I need to get a head cleaner for the VCR tomorrow and try again.

Tomorrow is allegedly payday.  We'll see if direct deposit works this time.

Printed a couple of stunning photos of someone I fell in love with at the wedding in England this summer. Need to send them to the happy couple to forward to her.
This is one of them.

Listening to Kat English (Thai singer) in the background. I like how she does ballads, but cannot stand her rap numbers. Can't stand any rap (it isn't music, it needs a "c" tacked to the beginning of the word), but in the normally very soft, polite Siamese language it's Just Plain Rude™. One of the "features" of Windows Media Player 11 is it doesn't support the blogging plug-in so I can't use Seamagic's auto-detect feature. Not that it would understand the Thai characters. But who knows - WMP 11 does.

Plans for tomorrow: Work, clean the VCR heads and try again with NM capture.
Unsure. Massage, maybe.
Tempted to drive down to Parkfield and feel the earth move. Under my feet. I'm reading a fascinating book called
A Crack in the Edge of the World: America and the Great California Earthquake of 1906 which skips around between being a plate tectonics textbook, a Brief History of Seismology & Seismologists and  a history of the US, especially the western part, leading up the the 1906 quake. By Simon Winchester. He mentions Parkfield as a place which has quakes constantly. It's about 3 hours from here, okay for a day trip. If it's not raining.

Tempted to drive out to Livermore with a bag of stuff for scendan, but have yet to receive the engraved invitation.

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