Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Sunday Wrap-up

Stopped off at Long's for some munchies for the drive home, and found a nice wallet for cheap. Been looking for one for a couple of weeks. Went straight home and stayed there. Today was the day to get out the level and ruler and pencil and put my pictures up on the walls. Got that done, sat down to watch football and was annoyed by the reflection of the TV set in the glass on two of the lower-hanging pictures, so moved those to less annoying locations.

Tried calling my folks at half-time, got a strange single ring followed by a busy signal. Three times. Cell phone gave a straight busy signal. Same thing after the game. I doubt if they were on the phone for that long, more likely their phone connection was hit by the Seattle wind storms. Their internet access is dial-up, so if their phone is out, so is their email.

Finished the Naughty Marietta DVD editing, and that's now building an ISO file in the background from which I can make the DVD. Looks like that may be an all night process, it's been running for an hour and is only halfway through massaging the video file. Four more steps to go after that. Did a web search to identify the name of the first song in the movie, and discovered it was not in the Broadway play. There have been four iterations of the play on B'way, and they are very different from the movie. The first half hour of the movie, set in Paris, is new. So are the pirate scenes (on the high seas and in the Louisiana swamps).

Going to sleep early tonight.


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