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I Love Lucid

Had an almost lucid dream last night, and woke up this morning to the NASA channel, where Shannon Lucid was acting as capcom. Anyone else who didn't know she was born in China? But I digress.

Weird Dream Channel

I'm poring over a take-home exam. There are 10 questions. They are yes/no questions. Question 5 is:

Yes or No: The answers the the questions on this test are 100% true.

Looking at the other 9 questions, my answers for all of them is "Yes". I suddenly realize I don't need to bring the answers in to class, all I have to do is hand in the answer to question 5. I go to sleep.

Through the magic of dream time, I am suddenly in class, filling in the answer to Question 5, and handing it in to the professor, who happens to be Burgess Meredith. He sits me down and says I'm not done, because that's the wrong answer. He says question 3 is false. I give him my reason why question 3 is true, and he thinks about it. I wake up not knowing if I flunked the test or aced it.


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