Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

TGIF and then some

The rest of my team has packed it in, I had a project which needed me to change a setting, then walk a block and a half to the other building's lab and see if the change showed up on a monitor we have there (but not here). Had to do that four times. And no, the change never showed up, but the good news is the project is done and I have my answer for the boss Wednesday. We have Monday and Tuesday off.

I kind of wanted to take Amtrak to Seattle and spend a couple of days up there, but by the time I knew what days I had off they were booked. And it would have been a squeeze, even if they were on time, which they are usually *very* not. The train north leaves SJ at about 9 p.m., but the train south leaves SEA around 9 am. It's a 24-hour trip. So if I left tonight, I would arrive tomorrow night, but would need to be back at the station Xmas morning to get home in time for work. By the numbers that would be:

22 9 pm leave SJ
23 9 pm arrive SEA
24 SEA
25 9 am leave SEA
26 9 am arrive SJC
27 8:30 am work

If they had any kind of on-time record, I would risk one more day in SEA and be a tad late for work Wed., but they can be as much as 10 hours late. Today they were 3 hours late (you can check status on amtrak.com).

No real plans for the long weekend. Bride of the Gorilla tonight on DVD. Shop for a better heater. Gas up the car (yeah, talk about bad timing - it'll probably be $3/gal again).

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