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Ring of the Bored

The highlight of my day was taking out the garbage. It was my only foray out of the apartment.

I watched a the 49ers snatch defeat from the jaws of victory yet again, and also saw the University of Hawaii trounce ASU in a pretty good bowl game. Called the folks, talked to Marilyn who is making good use of the boxes I gave her. She's pretty much done packing what she can, the movers will do the rest on Wednesday and she will be in her new place up near Sacto on Thursday.

I spent a lot of time online, finished the last page of my England trip web travelogue (only 4 months late), ordered some CDs, listened to some Thai music while going on some Thai chat rooms.

Back to the TV, I watched the last 15 minutes of the original 1957 live TV broadcast of Cinderella starring Julie Andrews (it was nowhere near as good as the Brandy version of 9 or 10 years ago, IMHO). Back online because I thought Richard Rodgers' wife had written that, but no, it was Rodgers & Hammerstein. Mary Rodgers, his daughter, wrote Once Upon A Mattress, hence the confusion.

Plans for tomorrow:

Pack a lunch and drive to Parkfield. I don't expect anything to be open, but that's okay, I'm just going so I can say I've been to the most continuously seismically active spot on the San Andreas fault.  And I'll take some pictures along the way, too. Depending on my mood, what time I leave and the weather, I may continue on to Coalinga, or SLO.

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