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Quiet day at work, finished the first pass of a giant spreadsheet project and went to the lab to try checking bit rates on HDTV videos. That's one of those "set it up & wait" projects so I read some LJ postings in the gaps. It promises to be busier at work next year.

Home, made some pigs 'n' blankets for farmount's party, baked some apple turnovers because I keep forgetting I need to lose weight, and watched the Maryland Sprets coast to a win over some utterly forgettable team with P on their helmets. The rest of the helmet is golden, which makes one think the P stands for "showers". That was the Champs Bowl. On what is normally the NFL replay station, they were showing a truly amazing Insight Bowl game between the Golden Gophers and the Red Raiders.  When I tuned in, Minnesota was 31 points ahead of Texas Tech, it was the second half, and Texas came back to tie the game, and won it in overtime. I understand the Oregon Beavers did the same thing in the Sun Bowl the other day.

Watched a DVD on Muhammad, did the laundry, played with the cats.

No real plans. scendan, you up for a visit?
May go to Thai Silks in Los Altos to see if they have any material I want. I'm especially interested in something to do my own silk wrap nails, now that I have seen it done enough. And I like silk, and maybe I'll get to flirt in Thai.
May go to a party at the BASFA treasurer's house in Fremont, depends on how the day goes.

I think I'll put my laundry away. Pumpkin will be miffed at my disturbing his nesting.

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