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Backing Up

Back in the days before cell phones, when beepers only beeped, I heard this joke:
A boy is in line with his father at the bank. The person ahead of them is very wide.
Boy: "Daddy, how can anyone get so fat?"
Dad: (whispers) "Shhh, that's a very rude thing to say"
Boy: "But dad, she is wider than three of Mom put together"
Dad: (whispers) "Just be quiet!"
Woman's beeper goes off
Boy: "Look out, she's backing up!"

As I write this, I'm backing up my PC. The backup has been running since 1 am, and still has a ways to go. 377 GB backed up so far, about 85GB to go. I hope I have room for an incremental backup Friday before changing out the motherboard. It's advertised as a 500GB backup, but loses 35GB to formatting and the backup program (which auto-installs on anything you plug the drive into). Evenb with USB, I didn't expect it to take this long. Harumph.

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