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Long Busy Day

Started the morning at the dentist. I'd changed coverage three times in 6 months, and just by chance the plan to which I was transferred 1/1/7 has my dentist on its list. She is megacute and friendly, and was very happy to see me back. And she diagnosed a problem I've been having for years with my gums, and applied an antibiotic. I have to go back tomorrow for a filling.

She has a trainee assistant. His name is Brandon. My friends at work will find this amusing.

Busy day at work, used one new tool to troubleshoot another. Helped install a couple of encoders, more to do on Monday.

After work I headed to PA for drinks with unseelie23 and friends to celebrate his new job at Apple. I'd never been there before, it's loud and somewhat pricey, but very nice and the waitress in the tight cheongsam was yummy. I had a hot buttered rum - served in a skull-shaped mug. Hot-blooded rum? Beats a bologna sunrise.

Home, two CDs arrived in the mail, Words & Music by John Mellancamp, which I bought specifically for Hurts So Good which is the only one of his songs I know (there may be others, but I won't find out till I listen to the 2-CD set) and it is great to sing along with in the car while flying down the freeway out of town.

The other CD is the original cast recording of Wonderful Town which includes some cuts from Leonard Bernstein's other Comden & Green effort, On The Town (which I received in the mail last week).

The backup I started at 1 am had completed, 411GB in 15 hours. Windows XP backup is far far better than the one which came on the Western Digital "MyBook" external drive. That's more a dig at WD than a compliment to MS. Now I can replace the motherboard. I hope I won't have to restore from the backup (I know I will at the very least need to re-install Windows, though, since this will put in a new BIOS and different I/O ports). Will do that tomorrow.

Also on the agenda for tomorrow:
Vet's - visit farmount at her new clinic.
Motherboard replacement
Rename all my photo folders by date. Right now they are in this form:

Subject_MMDDYY and Subject_MMYY
In the long run it will be easier to find stuff if I name the folders in this form:

And then I'll back them all up onto DVDs.

Maybe I'll Flickr some more pictures too.

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