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NOLA blew it, after almost making a game of it. But Chicago didn't get to be 14-3 by laying down in the second half, so no big surprise. And I suppose the snow was an omen too.

Had a nice dinner last night - China Wok is this little place just north of San Antonio Ave on California Street. Or maybe it changes names as you cross St. Tony's. They make good wor won ton soup and okay mu shu, though their "pancakes" are too thin and too dry.

Now that the motherboard and its updates are installed, I hooked up the backup drive to the much faster firewire connection, and am doing a full backup in the background. Estimate is 10 hours, as opposed to 15+ for the USB connection. There's a bug in Intel's BIOS installer for Windows - the installer can only be launched from a hard drive or CD, as opposed to the traditional floppy disc, and there is a banner which says so when you launch it. That banner somehow gets installed as part of the boot-up display, and gives the impression the BIOS doesn't support floppy, USB or firewire drives. Which it does.

One annoying feature of the new motherboard is it supports the "strobe" feature of lighted fans. I have three fans in the PC which used to light up a solid neon green (part of the case cover is transparent) and they now strobe in neon green. I remember this being a feature of the fans, and was glad my motherboard did not support it. It's distracting. Added to the distraction is the drive activity light on the front of the case is blue, not the traditional green, so the flashing green light triggers "disk activity" in my mind, while the flashing blue does not. So confusing.

Made a banana chocolate malt about an hour ago, and am too full for dinner. Maybe I'll go hang out at Starbucks and read a book.

Book foo:  The last two books I bought at the used books store turn out to be books I have already read, one of them within the past year. I'm definitely losing it. 

Tomorrow, hope to make it to BASFA. Other plans for the week include selling a bunch of Nikon mount lenses on eBay, as well as the old motherboard, to help finance an overpriced Nikon lens I have on order.

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