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Went to Fry's after work and picked up a couple of different cooling fans for the computer case, to replace the annoying strobing ones. These looked to be solidly lit LEDs. But no, hooked them up and they strobed too. Will return them and get dull boring black fans instead. Harumph. Maybe I'll go online. Also bought a space heater for the bedroom. They had one which looks promising. We'll see. Have yet to find one with an electronic thermostat that works correctly.

BASFA meeting has inspired me to look up a couple of movies. The Perils of Gwendolyn and someone in The Avocado Jungle of Death. Am also plotting to build a Jar Jar jar.

Note to self: Have to look into what it takes to have one's art work displayed in the halls of Microsoft. Many of the photos in the two buildings I work in look a lot like the kind of things I have done.

Karmic email day today. Received a long message from a friend in rural WA who is out of the hospital and recovering from a second round of surgery. The first round was botched, the second turned out okay. Also got email from a friend in Japan saying she is very depressed about not being able to find interviews, let alone jobs. She's running up against the age and sex discrimination walls which are still legal over there.

Listening to a Barbara Cook CD. Lovely voice, not so lovely figure, which is why she was never invited to take her Marion The Librarian from Broadway to Hollywood. She had a stunning Broadway career, starring in Plain and Fancy, Carousel, Candide, The Music Man, and She Loves Me. Her B'way musical career petered out shortly after Shirley Jones was cast in the movie versions of Carousel and Music Man, but she continues to have a good run of concert tours and club dates. And she still has a great voice. The album is all Disney tunes, which lend themselves beautifully to her soft soprano. Interesting listening to her rendition of Someone's Waiting for You (from The Rescuers). Up till now my favorite version is Lea Salonga's (the voice of Mulan, and Jasmine in Aladdin). Barbara sings it older, but just as well.

Time for bed. Full day at work tomorrow, I think, return the fans to Fry's, and maybe watch whatever DVD just came from Netflix. Planning on going to the open mike at Mission City coffee shop in Santa Clara Thursday night, just to listen.

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