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Short Review

Tonight's Netflix offering is called Look In My Shorts. Here is their blurb on this gem:

Sex has never been funnier or wittier than in this thought-provoking collection of erotic shorts. In "Freshening Up," Adrian Grenier is a guy who imagines his girlfriend (Gretchen Mol) indulging in the forbidden; "It's Hard" follows a woman's efforts to make her man happy; "Whacked" explores a kinky tryst; "Last Time I Had Sex" is self-explanatory; and "Six Months of Darkness, Six Months of Light" features Kelly Rutherford.

I got it for the Gretchen Mol content (she played Betty Paige in a previously reviewed movie) and was disappointed in her lack of nudity but she made up for it in sexy acting.

All these shorts are entertaining, all of them play Twister with relationships, and while only Whacked and Six Months are photographed at a professional level, there is good acting in all of them and the writing on all except The Last Time is professional grade.

Freshening Up has Gretchen playing a wife at her first anniversary, en route with husband Noah (Adrian Grenier) to a speakeasy style bar in the city. It's one of those "tell 'em Joe sent you" places. As we look around the room, the other patrons are mostly in threesomes, two women to each man, and in various stages of gropehood. Passing the bar, a tall dark handsome man (a much more Manly Man than Noah) stops Gretchen and reminds her he promised to give her "the address of that place" and writes it on the back of his card for her. While they are having their drinks, Gretchen excuses herself to go to the restroom, and the man from the bar is seen going in that direction too. They are both gone a long time. Flashback-like scenes show us what Noah thinks is going on. When she returns, they argue and she stomps out, after convincing him the man from the bar is gay, and nothing happened. After they leave, we see her flashback on being in the restroom making out with the waitress.

It's Hard is a tale of high school lust. It looks like it was shot by high school students starring high school students. But not a bad effort if that is the case. The little redheaded girl wants to be just like her best friend and giver her boyfriend a hand job, but every time she thinks about what she'll find in his pants, she faints. There's a lot of making out, and unzipping, and I sure wish my little redheaded high school girlfriend had been that assertive.

Whacked shows a well-preserved middle aged man sitting on the sofa while a very sexy young woman in the background is trying her utmost to turn him on. He's not having any of it. Until she sits next to him, tells him she has been a bad girl, and gets him to whack her thonged bottom. When it's all over, she puts her wedding ring back on, hands him a small wad of $100 bills and leaves.

The Last Time I Had Sex starts out well, with a lovely young white woman picking up a younger black man in a bar and bringing him home. Lots of nudity, though no full frontal, and none below the waist of him. In the morning her sister and brother-in-law throw her clothes at her to wake her up. She's on the sofa naked and her date is asleep on the floor under a blanket. She lives with her sister. At work she calls to wake up her date and tell him to help himself to breakfast, but gets the answering machine. Then she imagines he's called his buddies, backed up a tuck and stolen everything in the apartment. She tells her boss this has happened, and rushes home, where she finds everything in its place, including her note to the date asking him to phone her. She then starts removing everything from the apartment and putting it out on the sidewalk, with the help of passers-by and neighbors. Then she phones her sister to tell her the apartment has been cleaned out.

Six Months of Darkness, Six Months of Light is the most complex of the films, and with some writing help it could be turned into a brilliant full length feature. It could star Ben Affleck, J-Lo and whomever Ben in schtupping at the moment.  A tall dark handsome man is in a relationship with a blonde woman. But he is always working late and in meetings and on business trips. To spice up their faltering relationship, he suggests they invite another woman into their bed. He has found someone, not a hooker, who is interested.  A attractive brunette comes over and spices up their relationship. It is now stronger than ever. But he has to go on a business trip. Turns out his trip is across town, to a large house, where the spice woman resides. They are celebrating their 2nd anniversary. But their relationship is faltering. He says she needs to hang on until he is promoted to partner, and he says it in a way which implies the blonde is his ticket to the promotion. They do one more threesome, and he tells his wife he needs to go on a business trip, which is two weeks at a beach house with the blonde. He tells the blonde he is ready to make babies with her. He returns home and LJBFs his wife. Blonde and soon-to-be-ex-wife meet by chance in a shopping center parking lot, make a lunch date, become good friends, then become lovers. Man and blonde argue over dinner celebrating his promotion (he thinks she is having an affair), she storms out. He comes home to a note saying she is taking a vacation to Juneau, Alaska. He phones his soon-to-be-ex-wife and gets her machine - which says she is on vacation in Juneau.

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