Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic


Got everything on my list done. Replaced most of the water in the fish tank. Picked up a package at Fedex ( a sapphire from Thailand), went to the mall and bought a replacement pair of Birkenstocks (they cost $10 less than the online store), went to every store which might have a leather jacket and came up empty, but I needed the exercise and it was about a 5 mile walk. On the walk I bought batteries for my doorbell (tiny 12V specialty type) and the remote which opens the driveway gate at the apartment complex. Drove back to the neighborhood and hit Petsmart where a few things I needed were on ale (fish stuff and cat food). And am now in Starbucks where I went online and found exactly the leather bomber jacket I wanted at a surplus outlet for $45. The lowest price I saw for any leather jacket at the mall was $250. I saw one on sale, 50% off at Nordy's for $550! Ridiculous. It would have cost $100 to get my jacket refurbished and installed with a new zipper - I'd paid $150 for it in Puerto Vallarta about 10 years ago. I think. I forget when I went there.

So I think I'll celebrate by picking up some Kleenex and olives (don't need 'em yet, but there are none left in the closet) and cleaning the litterbox.

And there are 2 DVDs to watch. Rounders and Music from Another Room.

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