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Nailed it!

Went to auditions tonight, and the half hour in the green room waiting my turn reminded me why I do theater. Babes galore.

This was the usual PA Players audition where you're taken into the rehearsal room alone, give your music to the accompanist and show him what bits you're going to sing, then get on stage, find the big X a little upstage of center, and sing to the stage director, music director and assistant. I did Old Man River and nailed it, then they asked me to do a monologue, so I hauled out Sir's reprise of There Are So Many Thing To Remember from The Roar of the Greasepaint, The Smell of the Crowd. Nailed that too. On the way out the assistant tried very hard to be impartial, but it was clear he enjoyed the performance.

Callbacks are tomorrow night, I'll get a call tomorrow if I'm going the next step. Callbacks are to decide feature parts, and if I don't get called it doesn't mean I won't be cast. It just means I won't be cast in a major role. This show I'll play any part which lets me sing.

Things to Remember

From The Roar of the Greasepaint

When I think of the era in which I was raised
And I see how the world’s gone to waste
I confess that I’m constantly shocked and amazed
At Man’s singular lack of good taste

For Taste is like justice
We live by the laws
It’s so easy to tell right from wrong
Most people don’t bother
-Most people are whores
And the few bores who do, don’t belong

There are so many things I remember
From the deeply revered days of old
When living was gentle and gracious
And working folk did as they’re told

They were wonderful days, I remember
When a fellow could live like a king
And children were working in coal mines
And life was a beautiful thing

But the fortunes of mankind are changing
Things aren’t what they were anymore
And although I‘m in no way complaining
By Harris & Tweed, I preferred it before

Ah, but why think of May in November
When December is all that you’ll get
Man lives with a lingering ember
And while there are beautiful things to remember
The ugly things one should forget


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