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Two Bad Puns

The sweetened version of Shakespeare: The Aspartaming of the Shrew

I watched Catwoman on DVD tonight. In the opening they have a montage of catwoman-related parchment-colored clippings through history, and I misread one of them to say:

Feline Mignon

Also had the thought pop into my mind as they were voice-overing the illustrious role of the cat in various cultures, and they came to the drawing of the Chinese royal with a cat by his side "oh, there's lunch!"

Caught the last 5 minutes of Sleepless in Seattle and once again marveled at what a horrid actor Tom Hanks is. I counted four different accents coming out of his mouth in that 5-minute clip. It's not so difficult to do a Seattle accent. Just talk like you're a network anchorperson, but make words which whyme with "pen" sound like they rhyme with "pin", "dawn" becomes "don", and "orange" becomes "awe-ringe". Piece 'o' cake.

But it also reminded my why I bought the soundtrack CD, which will be my commute music in the morning.

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