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...describes this year's superbowl. Personally, I don't think the championship should be played in a stadium where the weather is a factor. John Madden is fond of saying that real football is played in the rain and snow and mud, but the truth is this is an old man remembering what he had to go through as a player and coach, before there were domed stadiums. I'm not just talking about the game, I'm also talking about the fans. With the price of tickets and accommodations for the superbowl, the fans deserve to at least stay dry.

This year the rain was so hard and the field so slippery that it was not worth watching. I really don't know if the best team won.

Feeling bored and slightly depressed this evening. And hung over. The low blood sugar episode this early AM took more out of me than usual. And I got done everything on my list well before kickoff time:

  • Set up a bunch of eBay auctions

  • Started a DVD process (which is now in its 12th hour)

  • Went for a blood test

  • Made low-cal clam-French onion dip from scratch

  • Took out the garbage

  • Got online and bought the Ulead DVD Factory software upgrade (it was $30 less there than Amazon)

  • Started the claims process to get a refund for the useless speakers

The Lay's sunflower oil chips are not nearly as good as the originals, though I like them better than the baked ones.

And I leave you with some cute pix of Domino on the upstairs balcony railing. She had two or three cats in the courtyard below trying to figure out how to get up there.


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