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Astronauts in Love

So I'm checking the channels at work for a 48-channel encoder which has been giving us some trouble lately, and Court TV is showing the arraignment of a female astronaut. Huh?

So I pull up my browser and check the top headlines, and there it is, Lisa Nowak, robot arm specialist, has taken her butt 1,000 miles across the country to have it out with a woman who apparently has been seeing astronaut William "Billy-O" Oefelein. Apparently Lisa, who is married and a mother of three, and has never been on an above-ground mission with Billy-O, apparently had something approaching the hots for him, and was jealous.

Just for the record, Billy-O is not married, and Lisa (aka "Robochick") is legally separated from her husband, who works at NASA Mission Control.

So, based on this news let's start a poll.

Robockick seeks counseling for:

Alcohol abuse

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