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I Walked With A Zombie

Just received Stanford Theater's Feb-March movie listing, and wanted to give a heads-up to some of my zombie movie fan friends across the Bay that it's well worth the trip to see anything in this gorgeous theater, and enjoy the live Wurlitzer man playing with his organ.

This month and next feature a raft of restored B horror flicks. We've missed Cat People, but still to come are:

Feb 21-23
The Spiral Staircase & I Walked With A Zombie

Feb 28-March 2
Clash By Night & The Ghost Ship

March 7-9
The Thing & Isle of the Dead

And so on. Weekends they are playing some classic light fare, I may brave the long line on the 17th or 18th to see Camille and the Jeanette MacDonald/Nelson Eddy musical classic Maytime.

You can get a full listing here at Stanford Theater's web site.

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