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Did a lot of stuff I had been putting off at home. Went to Target for a small upright vacuum (the cannister doesn't do it in my small apartment) and kitty litter and mixed nuts. Also picked up a nice non stick 2 qt saucepan by Cephalon for $34 (their usual is $100 more than that). Then to Safeway for milk & seltzer & limes. Limes have been getting bigger lately. Then to Petsmart for some aquarium gravel & plastic plants. The live plants I bought last week became a molten mass of stinky dead stuff in the bottom of the tank in about 3 days. That's with a gro-lamp. Bettas don't need oxygen in the water (they breathe air from the surface) but the females need shelter from the male.

Got all that home, assembled the vacuum and used it. It works fine, but the bag-less crap catcher needs to be emptied way too often, and it's messy because stuff gets jammed into the filter fins. Emptied the aquarium of most of the decomposed plants and all but an inch of water, and put in fresh water with conditioner, waited for that to settle and then washed the gravel (I actually got river pebbles) and put those in a handful at a time, anchored the plastic plants in the pebbles, then dumped in five small bags of blue marble-like objects (they are not spherical, more like glass pebbles). It looks a whole lot prettier, so do the fish.

At the start of my shopping trip I went to the cleaners to drop off my silk clothes and leather jacket, but they were closed. Probably will do that Tuesday as long as I'm up early to drop off the cats.

Tried to burn the La Mancha DVD but Roxio insisted that the disk I had in the machine did not match the ISO image. So I plowed through the settings and found there were three, not two, places I needed to check in order to make the image match all the attributes I wanted. I had told it to make the video 8 mbps, and to set up for a dual layer DVD+R disk. But I had not checked the box in the project which said how many GB the target disk capacity was. So I've done that, and am burning a new ISO image. Maybe by the end of the day I'll have a decent quality DVD of the show. And a template for the rest of the captures I want to do.

Am trying to figure out what kind of tree abuts the balcony. I'll scan in a sprig from it, anyone know what it is?

The bunch
This is about 4" long and 3" wide

Just a 1" piece from the above bunch

Time to break out the Netflix DVDs.

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