Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Cat's Meow

The cats always act strangely after a trip to the vet, and this time was no exception. But this time it was a different brand of strange. Not worse, just different. Chalk much of it up to their both having been anesthetized for dental cleaning. Domino has not been under since she way spayed in 1997, and Pumpkin was under only once since his neutering in 1998 - a dental cleaning 2 years ago.

Domino's symptoms are simple - anywhere I am, she is not. If I walk into a room she is in, she goes to another room. Lather, rinse, repeat. And she has been very possessive of the food dish. Actually, it's a food tower which holds about a week's worth of dry food for the two of them.

Pumpkin is more weirded out. He still wobbles when he walks, and is unsure of his balance when jumping. Getting up on the bed (his usual camping spot) took a couple of minutes of staring at the bed, contemplating the jump. And instead of curling up against me at night as he usually does, he parked himself in the corner at the head of the bed, after rubbing his face against the headboard, the clock radio and the corner of the night table it sits on.

This morning, it's 42 degrees out, but he's outside on the balcony staring out at the empty courtyard. Or at least I think it was empty, though there may have been a cat out there.

Domino spent the night curled up downstairs in front of the heater, which is pretty normal for her.

One other weirdness - farmount had given me some chew treats for them the last visit, but they had no interest at all in them. So she said to break them into smaller pieces and put them into their food. Which I did. So I hear some strange digging noises from the dining room where their food is. Pumpkin had dug all the food out of the bowl until he got all the bits of chew treats out. Neither he nor Domino will touch the moujnd of food on the floor tainted by the "treats".


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