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Spam And Janet Evening

Spam subject lines have been getting bizarre. Here's what I've found in my spam catcher this week:

Ads for penny stocks:

Not imposition on oblate

In segundo no bushmaster

Determined to overrun and lay siege to the city, the Zombies are thought to be controlled by an elder group of intelligent undead, the

Skeletals, endowed with strange radioactive abilities

The micro he warhead

And fetish do sapphire

civic unattractive

The exhale as pregnant

Is dispersion an cougar


Not priam no verbena

Have primeval a occultate

Is cerebral the posey

Or krause of wells

A moloch is legging

it glutamine as serendipitous

Online Pharmacies:

joliet not alsatian may demurrer ! epochal and editorial some revision 

Re(2): assist Lubbock dentistry

rinehart on sweetheart be nobel try altitude on lazybones it's comprise 

i found :) see. parsimony

uppermost pills at unhappy price


ambassador or several on extramarital see coon but bridgeable it grind

inexpensive may auberge but asynchrony some sagittarius but derogatory see earn

Dear Martin Strick, Christmas Discounts for you (Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2007 7:43:42 )

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