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Tarragon of Virtue

Went to Tarragon in Sunnyvale and had dinner there while cousin Renee and her jazz group By EAR played. I chose a table where she would not see me but I could hear them just fine. Finished dinner at about a quarter to 10, and went to the bar area to hear the last few tunes where she could see I was there. They play music I enjoy, mostly upbeat arrangements of jazz and 40's pop standards. Frank Sinatra stuff. I could easily be their vocalist.

The second to last song they did was Funny Valentine which was lovely because I had brought Renee just that. After they were done playing I gave her a heart-shaped metal container which was too heavy to be candy or cookies. She listened to hear if it was ticking. I told her to put it on a flat surface to open it, and she prized the cover up just enough to see what was inside and nearly fell over laughing.

Inside was a container of curry and rice - her "doggie bag" from last weekend which she had left in my car. And I'd also packed a ziplock bag with a quart of my home made green curried beef. She was thrilled. She loves curry, especially beef curry.

Mini review of Tarragon:
Over-priced, undercooked. Service was okay for a busy Friday night but could have been faster. The wait staff is not particularly articulate or attractive, My waiter has one of those disgusting velcro strip quasi-pseudo goatees. They wear all black. The place is ambiance central, unless you look at the ceiling and notice the shoddy paint job in a shade of puke I could not identify. Large paper place mats covered the linen tablecloth - tacky.

They only have about 8 entrees, plus four or five pasta dishes.

I had the Greek Salad, which had almost no greens, only a few olives and way too much bell pepper. Lots of feta, though. Main course was pan-seared Ahi. When he delivered it, the waited said "it looks like they nailed it perfectly". I'm not sure what they had nailed it to, but whatever it was made the inside cold and the outside tepid. And the only spice they used apparently was salt. The carmelized onion mashed potatos were good, but the broccolitos were soggy. The iced tea was Lipton's made pretty strong. Before the meal they brought bread, probably sourdough, but it was not fresh so I didn't have any. Dessert was Milk Chocolate Bread Pudding. Too much granular white sugar, no fruit (raisins, currants, apricot bits are usual). Only a hint of chocolate, and the hard sauce was non-alcoholic and kind of caramel tasting. Didn't hold a candle to what I had in New Orleans. The meal came in at $37 including tax.

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