Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Nice Day if it don't rain

That loud crash I heard while I was having lunch was the soap/shampoo/conditioner/lotion dispenser in the shower losing its battle with gravity. I put it up in December, not completely trusting the silicone sealer to hold it, and i noticed it was starting to come loose this morning. Filling up the little plastic containers did it in.

So I managed to get out of the apartment a little bit, to make a run to OSH and get double-sided mounting tape and more sealer. While I was out I also invested in a gel kit & UV curing lamp for my nails. I still need the full treatment every 2 weeks, but now I can fix small breaks on my own.

The morning started with laundry, and while that was cranking I installed Turbo Tax and did my taxes. The feds owe me a grand, and the state is taking $17 more. Which tells me there is something seriously wrong with CA's withholding formula, because my first six months' income was somewhat higher than the last 6, so on balance I should have over-paid both federal and state. I was somewhat annoyed because my tuition for Perl and Java classes was not allowed - I made too much money to get a deduction for education. That sucks.

Since it was a nice day, I let the cats out. I thought they would figure out how to get outside if I let them out onto the patio, but Pumpkin decided he did not like crawling more than half way under the fence, and Domino can get out over the fence but not back in by herself. Right now the patio door is open, but they are both curled up on my recliner - Pumpkin across the top and Domino in the seat.

The dispenser is taped to the shower wall, curing. It will be ready to put the containers back in place in 24 hours.

No more plans. Will probably go to Starbucks and read, and maybe watch a DVD. Tomorrow is a work day.

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