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Tonight is the opposite of last night - I feel wide awake at midnight, after a very busy day. I had three projects going at once at work, finished two and made a start on the third (but will need someone's help to finish, probably - or maybe it's RTFM time).

At lunchtime I went to the PO to pick up a registered package which I thought would be a pair of star sapphires from Thailand, but instead it was an HP iPaq RX1955 which I'd bought on eBay but was delayed a week while PayPal spun its wheels clearing my eCheck payment.  It fits in my shirt pocket, and ought to solve the problem at work of not being able to get email when I'm not in my office. There is some certificate thing I need to do which is not documented well at all on the internal web site, and I wasted 45 minutes in an online chat with their mis-named "fasthelp" before finally getting something similar to an answer to why I was not connecting to the corporate network. I'll play some more tomorrow.

Also picked up my heavy Mexican leather jacket, which was being cleaned and getting a new zipper. They did a good job, but it cost about half of what it would have cost to replace the jacket with a new one.

When I got home, UPS had once again failed to leave the package for me. They claim the office was closed, which is not likely two days in a row, but I think I'll call them tomorrow at the same time and see. Meanwhile I'll ask them to hold it for me at will call and pick it up Wednesday. It'll give me an excuse to have wor won ton soup at my favorite little restaurant on Tasman & Lawrence. Great stuff when it's cold & wet outside. Which reminds me, I need to make another cauldron of chicken soup, I'm all out.

Plans for tomorrow:
Rehearsals - our first one, a read-through, with costume measurement and collection of head shots (either for the program or the lobby).  After rehearsals if I'm not totally wiped out I'll go to Kinko's and make a copy of the script so I can use highlighter and not worry about spending hours erasing my notes when I have to turn it back in. Call it my backup copy.


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