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Had a wonderful time last night at Dragon Theater in Palo Alto - a 2-person show called Maybe, Baby, It's You. The two persons are Meredith Hagedorn and Noel Wood. Meredith is an old buddy, I've seen a lot of her acting but have never been onstage with her. Noel I've seen once in a hilarious rendition of Scapin at Bus Barn.

The show is a series of skits, about dating and being a couple. Some of the skits are part of a running gag which resolves itself toward the end. I wish they had listed the scenes in the program because my Senior Brain can't remember the names off hand.

It's a great show. I laughed most of the way through it (there are some sad/poignant bits to allow for recovery time). In between scenes, they play simple love poems over the PA system. The pre-show and intermission music was a hodge podge of sometimes cynical, sometimes romantic music. Barenaked Ladies' If I Had A Million Dollars made it into both.

My favorite bit by far was one where they play it in trenchcoats and it's a very tightly written spoof of all the bad detective movies, triple entendrés and mataphores on parade. Coming in second for me was the scene where the Nice Guy has a blind date - with Medea. And there's a sweet one about an elderly divorced couple at their grandson's soccer match.

Well worth seeing. Reservations required - the place only seats 40 or so. Runs through the 25th.
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